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Finished basement from our remodeling contractors in Seattle, WA.

Superior Basement Remodeling Services in Seattle, WA

Rely on ACS Seattle to help you personalize your basement exactly as you want it done. We are proud to offer basement remodeling services in Seattle, WA, for residential clients.

Completed basement project from our basement builders in Seattle, WA.

Basement Remodels

Make your basement as comfortable as you want it to be! Whether you want to add a home theater in a "man cave," add a bathroom, create a wet bar, or build a new kitchen, we're the team to call. Our experienced basement builders would be happy to take your unfinished basement and turn it into your new favorite space.

With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, ACS Seattle offers complete turnkey solutions. Our prices are affordable, and our basement renovation services are of the highest quality — an unbeatable combination. Call today to learn more about our residential basement rehab services!

Say "No" to Mold

When it comes to basement remodels, mold can sometimes be an issue on some jobs. With ACS Seattle, however, you won't need to worry. As water intrusion specialists, we utilize our knowledge of building science to minimize the possibility of mold and water intrusion. We take all steps possible to ensure that your basement won't become musty in the future.

Masonry Staircase Railing


Increase the value of your home with a basement makeover. The remodeling experts at ACS Seattle know how a beautifully finished basement can add instant value and appeal to potential buyers when looking for a home. As water intrusion experts, we’ll also minimize the chances of moisture permeating your home’s foundation walls and accumulating where mold can grow and spread from a wet basement.

The uses of a finished basement are limited only by your imagination. Extra sleeping and recreation areas give your growing family room to expand. Visitors will have ample room for sleepovers in a remodeled and completely finished basement.


You can also create a home theatre with special lighting and surround sound that will have friends and family attending regularly. If you enjoy having people in for special occasions, you can entertain guests at your customized bar, or get in the best shape of your life in a home gym, tailored to your exact tastes. Let us provide you a project estimate and an on-site assessment.

Now you know who remodels basements. Homeowners who understand that a custom-finished basement will prove to be a great return on their investment are encouraged to give us a call today.

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